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Saturday, 5 March 2011

De Facto ep 1 (demo version)

Hi guys,

This is my first post in this blog. Perhaps you never mind with my broken English. This is my first blog in English and i do it just because De facto Novel.

Well, De Facto is my first novel ever and i tried so hard to make it worth. But, i know there will be a lot of grammar errors and 'hole' here and there. Anyhow, perhaps with this blog, i will fix my problem with english (also my speaking... he3).

So, What is De Facto. De Facto is literally meaning "IN FACTS" or "A MUST".
In De Facto novel, it contain a lot of fact from various part such as conspiracy theory, life, spiritually, religion, knowldege and history in one pack of action novel. This novel have 3 book (perhaps..ha3).

De facto novel is story about young boy named Syuib who been jailed because he was suspected murdering his god father. Then, a daughter of his god father come to him and make them a tag team to find, who is the real killer. Then, they meet up a lot of characters and secrecy between them and ABDULLAH STANFORD (Syuib's god father).

In book 2 (another perhaps... :D), the new story line will occurred and till the end of book 2, the original idea of De Facto will showed that all chracter in book 1 meet up new tag team from another ******.

In book 3, the day called De Facto will occurred and some kind of extraordinary phenomena make all the facts from book 1 to book 3, become a reality.

De facto such a heavy book that contain a lot of chracter but the main still Syuib, Jenifer, and Haris. To many things i need to share to all of you but too little time i have here.

Well, better you wait for FREE READING of De Facto Novel; Interactively, in You Tube, this March....


Amirah Nadia said...

woww, gilalah!

AmYcOzZo said...

Ok gak nie.. wa yakin dpt sambutan :)

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