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Friday, 18 March 2011

Google Adsense


i wanna ask you all about Google Adsense.
It is so difficult to get an approved by Google?

I was try about 5-10 email and yet it not been approved.
What the most laughable is; "Not supported languages"..
should i changed that to bahasa indonesia. because it only way to solve it.
i forgot that my past 2-3 posting is in malay language. pity me.

well, i must try harder and maybe next time, i will get approved.
But yet, if you want try internet business, Google adsense one of the answer.
But, out of America, is it so difficult to them to approved your email and account.
Business is business. SO, they make profit, so we are.

anyways, wait for DE FACTO episode 2, next week.

p/s: people ask me, why DE FACTO novel in Malay languages but your blog in english?!
so, my answer is; this blog is for Google adsense and any internet business. Ha3.
Jangan Marah~

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